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Plastic and Wooden Meat Cutting Boards

For those individuals who find themselves in the kitchen often, it is likely a good idea to really have a good meat cutting board that would last long. A lot of people only pick one when shopping and don’t actually consider the differences between the types.

When individuals are seeking to purchase a cutting board, there are two principal types that are found; plastic and wooden types. Some claim that plastic is a much better option, since they’re frequently more affordable and simple to clean. Others claim the wooden that tends to develop some extensive knife scarring is simpler to clean and disinfect than a greatly knife-scarred plastic board, which may be linked to the wood’s “self-healing” properties. Selecting wood or plastic that’s simple to clean and is not damaging to your knives is significant when looking for long term use. Since there are various types, They are going to have distinct qualities. Having one that’s nonslip and long-lasting can also be helpful as to prevent any mishaps that may occur.

Plastic cutting boards are usually affordable and lightweight. Because plastic constantly seems to be the more economical course, it’s practical to purchase more than one to be used for the preparation of different food. If matching to your own home decor is of importance, plastic boards come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. However, because they are plastic, their life span is short. The deep scarring from knives that collect over time and long use also can make it become challenging to scrub and remove bacteria.
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When considering the different wooden meat cutting boards, there’s a particular type of wood you need to consider which is considered to be ideal for kitchen cooking purposes. Teak wood can be great for kitchen use since its known for resisting moisture and bacteria growth. The reason behind this is its naturally high oil composition. So a wooden board butcher block or carving board could be an excellent option for sustaining a long amount of kitchen deterioration. Many famed chefs use teak wood boards for the way they repel moisture, warping and their stability and longevity. Maintenance is the only difference with wooden boards. But, by taking appropriate care of the teak of your choice, you can extend the life span of a cutting board or wooden block. Correct maintenance is important to avoid the germs, mold development, and splitting of cutting boards.
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So, if you’re in the market for the right meat cutting board, the difference in wood and plastic is able to help you determine the best alternative.